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Haggadah for Witches

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Most witches try to create their own Haggadah by putting bits from various haggadot together– but those who succeed are spending hours of their valuable time to create something that is only passable. What if you could have the One Haggadah to Rule Them All?

If you’re like most witchy Jews, then you’re probably settling for a less than stellar seder that meets your unique views or spending hours chopping bits from various sources to supplement a traditional Haggadah.

That’s definitely one way of doing it. It gives you some of what you want.

But there’s one huge, looming problem…

It takes a monstrous amount of time and you likely still end up settling for a version of the Haggadah that doesn’t quite meet your needs.

You know what I’m talking, about right?

You have to hunt down fragments here and morsels there to satisfy your spiritual needs. It takes time to find good explanations for the plagues. Let’s not talk about the forgotten women of the story! Symbols that talk about modern issues? After all, we’re commanded to imagine ourselves as having been there. And if you’re looking for gender-inclusive language you might just feel like hanging in the towel! Let’s face it. Getting the Haggadah you want takes massive amounts of time, effort, and quite possibly, money.

Introducing A Haggadah for Witches!

This Haggadah gives you all the earth-based, modern, Judaism that you want, mixed in with the traditional Haggadah you’re used to.

A Haggadah For Witches includes:

- Women of the Exodus: It includes the matriarchs and the story of the women surrounding Moses who made the whole thing possible.

- Traditional, Feminine, & Gender-Neutral language to include all Jews.

- Modern food additions to include a discussion around issues of our times.

- Rituals and customs surrounding earth-based spirituality

And much, much more – this Haggadah gives you everything you need to host the Seder you’ve always want to have.

Would You Trade The Perfect Haggadah for The Price of A Pizza?

Since you can’t order a pizza during Passover anyway, why not take that money and get the Haggadah you’ve always wanted? For the cost of pizza for your family, you can seder like you want to.

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Haggadah for Witches

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