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Living Moon Meditation
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Tired of the Quest for Ascension?

If you’re feeling tired from the constant pressure to ascend and rise higher, you aren’t alone. Many people on the spiritual path are told to rise higher and reach for an elusive upper world. But the truth is, this can leave us ungrounded + unmoored from physical reality

What would it feel like if you could easily connect with the earth, and physical creation? What would your life look like with regular descent into the earth + dirt in celebration of the Mother that sustains us all- Earth?

I’d love to invite you to my Earth Mother Guided Visualization. This meditation will guide you into a deep descent into the center of our planet where you will become one with the beating heart of Pachamama. 

You’ll emerge refreshed + in alignment with your physical body + being as well as in possession of a deeper appreciation of the mysteries of the divine feminine. 

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Earth Mother Visualization

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