Flow: A Yoga Nidra Journey to Heal the Money Wound

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How do you define your relationship with money?

Is money a positive tool in your life or does the thought of money make you feel icky?

Sadly, many people don’t live a life of abundance because they have a trauma response to money.

Some people even believe that poverty is morally superior and that being wealthy is inherently wrong. They may not acknowledge these thoughts consciously but they are there and as a result, they don’t allow themselves to make money.

Right now I’m frustrated because of two major money mindsets that are overabundant in society.

  1. Money is an evil overlord- the literal thing that causes all of human suffering.

  2. Money is a valid tool, but no matter what I do my tool is broken (or I just don’t know how to use it and never will).

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, you have a money wound. But, you can heal it!

Flow is an 8 week Yoga Nidra journey to help you heal your trauma surrounding money.

Each week I will guide you in a progressively longer Nidra focusing on a different healing aspect. Yoga Nidra takes you to the fourth level of consciousness and allows you to bypass your conscious thoughts and objections to money.

You will benefit from this if you notice yourself having a reaction to the thought of money or if thinking of those who have money gives you pains. If you’re ready to dig into the wound, clean it, and get lasting healing then this is for you.

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Flow: A Yoga Nidra Journey to Heal the Money Wound

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