Power Animal Shapeshifting Visualization

Living Moon Meditation
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Embrace the Power of the Animal World

I know what it’s like to feel trapped by your thoughts or situations that don’t serve your highest good. It’s frustrating and depressing, and leaves us feeling stuck and unable to make actionable change.

What would it feel like if you could shapeshift- you know, become the animal that represents the power you need in a given moment? We hear of this in shamanism. The shaman becomes the eagle at just the moment she needs a much higher view of the world. Or, he needs strength and influence, and transforms into the wolf.

What if you could harness the shaman’s ability for yourself? You can! You’ll learn how with my Power Animal Shapeshifting Guided Visualization.

You’ll learn to feel into the moment of what you need and choose an animal ally to work with. Then you learn the actual process for transforming into the animal that has medicine for you. With practice you’ll be able to shift shapes at will and learn from the animal helpers around you.

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Power Animal Shapeshifting Visualization

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