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Does your magical practice leave you feeling fulfilled? Are you struggling to have the energy to make the magic you want? Are you tired of all the “love and light” bullshit that leaves you feeling like a failure when real life isn’t always sunshine and roses? Are you just plain tired of practicing your craft alone all the time? 

Imagine a group of witches infusing that je ne sais quois into your life that gives you the extra oomph to make more magic! What if there was a group of people who infused you with more energy just by spending time hanging out? You crave a community of support when life is tough instead of the constant “positive vibes only” platitudes that are usually thrown around.  Imagine a sacred community of witches coming together to learn and practice on a regular basis. We’re talking crystal parties, group meditations, new moon rituals, and just plain old hanging out! 

You deserve to live a life that is magical AF- feeling empowered in your magic and supported by other witches in a circle of love. 

Here’s your invitation to Living Moon Mystery School! I knew that if I once struggled with integrating practical magic, that you just might, too. And what better way to learn than with a group of others just like you? Whether you are a longtime practitioner of magic or are new to the craft, now is the time to join me in deepening your walk and learning how to practically apply magic to your everyday life. 

Living Moon Mystery School integrates the spiritual and the magical into everyday moments of your life, creating a sacred container of learning, practical application, and community with all types of witches. Your magic may be solitary, highly crafted, more mental than actual craft, or anything at all- and it’s all welcome in this diverse group of witches. It doesn’t matter how you define your practice- we welcome you to join in!

  • Access to private online community

  • Included:
    Monthly Spiritual/Energy Live Teaching/Coaching
  • Included:
    Monthly Live Q+A
  • Included:
    Monthly Rosh Chodesh (new moon) Ritual
  • Included:
    Quarterly Group Healing Session
  • Included:
    Quarterly Shamanic Meditation
  • Included:
    Quarterly Shamanic Ceremony
  • Included:
    Library of all my digital products
  • Included:
    Live Holiday Rituals
  • Included:
    25% discount on all my 1:1 sessions
  • Included
    25% discount on all my online courses
  • Access to private online community
  • Included:Monthly Spiritual/Energy Live Teaching/Coaching
  • Included:Monthly Live Q+A
  • Included:Monthly Rosh Chodesh (new moon) Ritual
  • Included:Quarterly Group Healing Session
  • Included:Quarterly Shamanic Meditation
  • Included:Quarterly Shamanic Ceremony
  • Included:Library of all my digital products
  • Included:Live Holiday Rituals
  • Included:25% discount on all my 1:1 sessions
  • Included25% discount on all my online courses
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