Hermetics: the Keys to Unlocking a World of Magic

Living Moon Meditation
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Did you know that many people who explore magic as a way of life do that- explore with never really implementing anything they learn? That seems like a lot of wasted time. Now, learning something for the sake of learning is great. But what if you could have used that time to do something to improve your life? This Hermetics ebook gives you the tips you need to move from learning to doing.

Right now I am frustrated for two main reasons.

- I am SICK of seeing women struggle to get started living the witchy life they dream of.

- I can’t stand all of the “love and light” fluff in the witch community that keeps you hiding the darker aspects of who you are.

Here’s what I have for you. You’re going to love my Hermetics Ebook. It’s a short guide through the 7 things you need to know to stop researching and start living magic. Instead of investing more time in learning how to get started when you “know enough”, I give you the quick foundation you need to move into living it NOW.

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  • Size93 MB
  • Length44 pages
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Hermetics: the Keys to Unlocking a World of Magic

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